• Nebulous

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  • Description

    Inspired by the Horsehead Nebula, Nebulous is a phenotype of our Grand Daddy Purple and therefore these relatives share very similar characteristics. Definitely indica dominant and highly recommended for nighttime use. 

    Our Nebulous flowers are very dense, light green in color with hints of purple and frosted with trichomes. Some of the larger buds have finger-like extensions that are covered in orange hairs--mimicking the extremities of the Horsehead Nebula.   

    We honestly couldn't believe just how gnarly some of these flowers became! Be sure to explore our Big Bud selection as we have extraordinary Nebulous specimens that are over 15 grams each. 

    Nebulous aids in instantly relaxing muscles and alleviating chronic pain associated with aches. Ideal for patients seeking to relieve symptoms of MS, arthritis, headaches, menstrual cramps or insomnia. It's also great for reducing anxiety and stimulating appetite.

    Our Nebulous is grown organically indoors and is never treated with chemically derived products.

    We take pride and pleasure in capturing our own photographs for our website.