• Grand Daddy Purple

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  • Description

    A distinctively grape smell and taste accompany a smooth and even sensation immediately after exhale. Grand Daddy Purple is our go-to indica because of its ability to instantly relax muscles and alleviate pain. 

    Grand Daddy Purple is excellent for patients seeking to relieve symptoms of MS, chronic pain, arthritis, headaches, menstrual cramps or insomnia. It's also great for reducing anxiety and stimulating appetite.

    Grand Daddy Purple is Mr. X's signature indica and we make every effort to always have it available. Your flowers will arrive trimmed to perfection and covered with trichomes.

    Our Grand Daddy Purple is grown organically indoors and is never treated with chemically derived products.

    The photos at left show specific amounts of medicine with excluding the 1g photo which is larger to magnify detail. We take pride and pleasure in capturing our own photographs for our website.