About Mr. X

Why Mr. X?

Let's be honest. Not all dispensaries were created equal when it comes to service and product.

We hope to use Mr. X as a vehicle to educate our patients and inspire a new standard within the industry. We're here to answer your questions and if we don't know the answer, we're excited to find out.

We're absolutely obsessed with quality and we think this is reflected in our medicine. We are in the process of transitioning to LED lights to increase our operational and environmental efficiency (a HPS light is 1000 watts per light while our LEDs are 120 watts per light). We take our own photographs, have digitally integrated the entire membership experience, hand-roll our pre-rolls, deliver medicine in re-usable glass jars and possess a genuine passion to offer our patients the best service and product possible. We like to think that it's the little things that distinguish us from other access points.

You can trust that Mr. X will always offer convenient, safe and professional service each time we deliver.

I-502 has passed in Washington, what now?

Mr. X Delivery operates under RCW 69.51a and still cannot sell medical cannabis to unauthorized patients.

If you qualify as a medical cannabis patient we have a handy form for you to request an appointment with our preferred providers.

I'm not an authorized patient under RCW 69.51a; can you help me out?

Sure. We have a handy form for you to request an appointment with our preferred providers.

They're super friendly naturopathic doctors and we only recommend the best. Thanks for understanding!

What is Mr. X's membership process?

After receiving your application we will contact your health provider to verify your medical cannabis authorization.

Please be sure to upload both your WA State ID and medical authorization.

Once confirmed, you will receive an email containing your membership information. At this point you can place your first order. Please note, you cannot place an order without membership confirmation.

How do I request my first delivery?

You can request your first delivery by calling, texting or visiting our always current menu to use our online scheduling feature. We will confirm your order by your preferred contact method and schedule a convenient delivery time.

Orders placed at 4PM or later may not be accommodated until the following day, so please place your orders early. Delivery slots are open from 10AM to 8PM.

What can I expect during a delivery?

We like to keep things as quick and discreet as possible. We will not normally enter your home unless specifically requested. Most deliveries take place at the door or the building lobby.

At the start of your first delivery please present your Washington state ID and original medical cannabis authorization to the Mr. X courier. Please have your exact total ready, as our couriers do not normally carry change.

You will receive your order in a bag or box and an e-receipt upon delivery--it's that easy.

Why such a small menu?

If we don't personally use it ourselves, we don't offer it. There's no such thing as Top Shelf at Mr. X, as all of our medicine is of equal superior quality. Once you receive your first delivery, you'll understand what we mean. 

Carefully selecting our strains and thoroughly understanding the unique characteristics of each plant allows us to consistently support the extraordinary quality for which we are known. We put a lot of effort into finding strains with genetics that suit a variety of medical needs and we are very excited to share these strains with our patients. Cultivating such high quality medicine is an extremely attentive and demanding job.

Please understand that medical statements made by Mr. X have not been approved or evaluated by the FDA.

Expect our preferred sativa, indica and hybrid to rotate according to our harvest schedule. If you have suggestions about what you would like to see added to the menu, please do not hesitate to send us an email at mrx@mrxdelivery.com. We love feedback.

Where does Mr. X deliver?

Mr. X delivers to patients residing primarily on Capitol Hill, Seattle, Washington. To ensure extraordinary service, we have chosen to limit our delivery area to better serve the needs of our patients. This includes 98102, 98112, and 98122. Please see the map for our free delivery area.

If you're outside of the shaded area on our coverage map but still within Seattle we may still be able to accommodate your order; however, there may be $5 delivery fee. 

Mr. X recycles!

If you choose to take part in our recycling program, any orders of 3.5 grams or more will be delivered in a reusable glass mason jar. A one-time deposit of $1 per jar will be collected during the first delivery. We'll collect any used jars during your next delivery.

For those that don't request glass, we do our best to comply with the Seattle plastic bag ban by using EarthChoice compostable containers. Some patients also return their pre-roll tubes and delivery boxes. So we're a bit like the milk man, only better!