• The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

    The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

    "A determined but surprisingly entertaining feature documentary on British Columbia’s marijuana industry, The Union kicks off its proceedings with a rapid-fire history of hemp. It then follows with an encyclopedic examination of the B.C. scene, with its grow-ops and the vibrant underground economy that has grown up around them. By the time the film gets around to taking on the contemporary drug laws, it’s so convincing you can’t imagine why hemp and marijuana are still illegal. A powerful advocacy film along the lines of The Corporation, The Union corrals enough former drug officers, jurists and convicted growers that viewers might just begin to wonder where are the powers-that-be who have kept marijuana statutes on the books for the past century. Visually energetic and wildly informative, The Union is a must-see non-fiction film for anyone trying to keep up with contemporary pop culture."

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