• Obama, What About "Free and Open Scientific Inquiry" for Medical Marijuana?

    From Huffington Post, an opinion piece by Dr. John Schwarz, one of the founders of superstring theory.

    It's hard to escape the fact that there is a growing gap between the American public and the federal government on this topic. Seventeen states and the District of Columbia have legalized the medical use of marijuana in one way or another. Public debate over the subject has mostly been confined to the question of how exactly marijuana should be delivered to the patients in states allowing its use. Increasing numbers of medical professionals are speaking out in support of the new laws as the biochemical understanding of marijuana's medicinal properties continues to grow.

    Meanwhile, the federal government takes the official position of the Drug Enforcement Administration that marijuana belongs in the Schedule I category of controlled substances as a deadly narcotic on par with heroin, far too dangerous to be prescribed by doctors for medical use.

    This enormous gap between what the public accepts as true and what the government insists is true has a long, unfortunate history.

    Dr. John Schwarz also links to an online petition for Science in Policy, found here.

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