• Arizer Extreme Q the vaporizer of choice for Mr. X's medical marijuana!

    Hands down, this is the vaporizer you should have at home. The versatility offered by the Arizer Extreme Q allows you to inhale pure vapor using a multitude of options--bag, whip, or use tubing to connect it to your favorite glass water pipe. Arizer has recently improved the design beyond previous generations to make the unit more efficient and quieter. It's truly the best way to taste and consume your medicine in the healthiest manner possible. The effects of your medicine will come on differently than smoking from glass or paper. The effects are subtle and subdued, yet yield an intense effect with time. Oh yeah, and it has a remote.

    You can order it online directly from Arizer here: But if you have to have it today check out one of our favorite Capitol Hill smoke shops, Seattle Cigar & Tobacco -- be sure to tell them Mr. X sent you for the lowest price in town.

    We can't wait to try their portable vaporizer, the Arizer Solo!

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