• So Will Bakeries Make Artisanal Pot Brownies Now?

    From Seattle Met:

    Today is the day that marijuana (and, of course, single-sex marriage) becomes legal in Washington. Seattle Weekly's Hanna Raskin says that restaurants are unlikely to start carrying pot-infused foodstuffs, though the state is still sorting out how, exactly, to control this newly legal substance.

    Ever the optimists, we asked local bakers and food types if we might see any special brownies or pies sprouting up—making Seattleites particularly happy—pending the final decision for rules and regulations of course.

    “Maybe there was a double entendre with ‘baby we were baked this way’ as our slogan for legalizing gay marriage.” - Jody Hall, owner Cupcake Royale

    Mr. X couldn't agree more. We're also very excited about potential collaborations with local businesses. Read on for more commentary from other local bakeries.

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